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Welcome to my homepage! I am currently an assistant professor of Finance at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. I joined the department here after graduating from the Department of Social Sciences at Caltech. My interests are focused mainly in the areas of theoretical and experimental finance. Check out the University of Utah's own experimental cyber lab -- UULEEF. If you have any questions about my research or myself, please email me.



Contact Information:
  • Office Address:
    University of Utah
    David Eccles School of Business
    1645 E. Campus Center Drive, Room KDGB 325
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
  • Office: +(801) 587-3975
  • E-mail:




Working Papers:


Work in Progress:
  • Payout Policy, Investor Rationality and Market Efficiency: Evidence from Laboratory Experiments, joint with M. Lemmon.
  • Detecting Preferences for Sources of Uncertainty in Financial Market Experiments, joint with S. H. Chew, S. Pevnitskaya, and J. Sagi.
  • Public Goods Experiments in Bulgaria, joint with T. Palfrey.


Links and More:

The laboratories of experimental economics\finance at Utah and Caltech:

  • University of Utah Laboratory For Experimental Economics and Finance, UULEEF
  • Caltech Laboratory For Experimental Finance, CLEF
  • Laboratory for Experimental Economics and Political Science , EEPS
  • Caltech Social Science Experimental Laboratory, SSEL

Here are a couple of pictures from my home country Bulgaria. While living there might still be quite a challenge, going there as a tourist is lots of fun.


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