Graduate Statistics Courses at the University of Utah

The following is a self-reported list of Statistics courses taught at the graduate level at the University of Utah. It is maintained by the University Statistics Committee, which administers the Master of Statistics Program. This list is intended to provide a service to faculty and students at the University to help in designing graduate curriculum. There is no guarantee that the list is exhaustive or that a particular course shown here will be offered in a given year. In almost every case, admission to a particular class requires that specific prerequisites be completed, or that persmission from the instructor be obtained.

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Department Number Name When typically taught Contact
ANTHR 5221 Human Evolutionary Genetics Every other year Alan Rogers and Henry Harpending
BMI 6105

Statistics for Biomedical Informatics

Spring Alun Thomas
CHEM 7750 Information Processing (in Analytical Chemistry)    
COMM 6710 Communication Research Fall  
COMM 6750 Empirical Research Methodology Fall  
COMM 6770 Quantitative Research Fall  
CS 6350

Machine Learning

Fall Hal Daume III
CVEEN 7545 Transportation Modeling Fall 2002, every two years Peter T. Martin
CVEEN 7920 Stochastic Hydrology Irregularly Sanja Perica
CVEEN 5260/6260 Applied Probability and Statistics Every 2-3 years (Spring) Janice Chambers
ECON 6630 Applied Econometrics Spring at night J. Gander
ECON 7590 Econometrics Spring P. Philips
ECON 7800 Econometrics I Fall D. Kiefer
ECON 7801 Econometrics II Spring D. Kiefer
ED PS 6010 Introduction to Statistics and Research Design Fall,
ED PS 6030 Introduction to Research Design Fall,
ED PS 6300 Introduction to Measurement Fall
ED PS 7010 Quantitative Methods I: Foundations of Inferential Statistics Fall
ED PS 7020 Quantitative Methods II: ANOVA and Multiple Regression Spring
ED PS 7300 Psychometric Theory Fall
ED PS 7400 Advanced Research Design Spring
ED PS 7570 Multivariate Statistics Fall
ECE 5510 Random Processes    
ECE 5520 Digital Communication systems Spring  
ECE 6520 Information Theory Fall 2003, every two years Gil Shamir
ESS 6550 Inroduction to Research Methods Fall Barry Shultz
ESS 6560 Experimental Design & Analysis Spring Barry Shultz
FCS 6110 Graduate Multivariate Statistics Spring Ken Smith
FPMD 6100 Introduction to Biostatistics Fall Stephen Alder
6106 Categorical Data Analysis Fall, alternating years  
FPMD 6107 Survival Analysis Fall, alternating years  
FPMD 6309 Biostatistics Seminar Spring Marlene Egger
FPMD 6958 Research Design Fall or Spring, Stephen Alder
FPMD 7100 Biostatistics II Spring Jaewhan Kim
FPMD 7120 Linear and Logistic Models
Fall Jaewhan Kim
FPMD 7130 Longitudinal Data Aanlysis Spring Jaewhan Kim
GEOGR 6000 Advanced Multivariate Statistics   Richard Forster
GEOGR 6010 Geocomputation   Harvey J. Miller
LING 7170 Advanced Research Methods Every other Fall  
LING 5170/6170 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis in L2 Research Design Spring  
MATH 6020 Multivariate models Spring  
MATH 5010 Introduction to Probability Each semester  
MATH 5030 Insurance mathematics Fall  
MATH 5040 Stochastic processes I Fall  
MATH 5050 Stochastic processes Spring  
MATH 5080 Mathematical statistics I Fall-morning class Spring-evening class  
MATH 5090 Mathematical statistics II Fall-evening class Spring-morning class  
MATH 6010 Linear models Fall  
MATH 6040 Probability    
MATH 6070 Mathematical Statistics Spring  
MDCRC 6000 Introduction to Biostatistics
Summer and Fall Greg Stoddard
MDCRC 6030 Computer Practicum (Stata) Summer Greg Stoddard
MDCRC 6210 Regression Models    Spring Greg Stoddard
ME 6960 Special Topics (Microsystem Design and Characterization)
  Ian Harvey
ME 5040/6040 Quality Assuarnce Engineering Every two years David Hoeppner
MET E 5690/6690 Process Engineering Statistics Spring  
MKTG 6600 Marketing Analysis in the Information Age   Bill Moore
MKTG 7740 Marketing Models – Estimating Discrete Choice Models with Simulations Summer 2003, irregularly afterwards Bill Moore
MST 6600 Regression Analysis and Data Mining   David Mason
MUSIC 6770 Research in Music Education Spring, odd years only; Summer, even years only.
Mark Ely and Joelle Lien
NURS 7040 Data Collection Methods Fall Rebecca Wassem
NURS 7070 Multivariate Statistics Fall Marge Pett
NURS 7201 Statistics I Fall Marge Pett
NURS 7202 Statistics II Spring Marge Pett
NURS 7880 Non parametric Statistics Spring Marge Pett
OIS 6040 Data Analysis and Decision Making I Fall (multiple sections) Don Wardell
OIS 6041 Data Analysis and Decision Making II Spring (day) and Summer (night) Don Wardell
OIS 6425 Six Sigma Spring Amar Sahay
OIS 6610 Practical Management Science Spring Don Wardell
OIS 7590 Multivariate Statistics for Management Irregularly Don Wardell
PRT       Gary Ellis
PH TX 6680 Statistics for Pharm. Res. Spring Diana Willkins
PHYCS 6719 Graduate Lab Spring Kai Martens
PHYCS 7310 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Fall Daniel Mattis
POL S 5001/6001 Quantitative Analysis for Political Science Spring Matthew Burbank or Pei-te Lien
POL S 6002 Advanced Quantitative Analysis Irregularly Matthew Burbank or Pei-te Lien
POL S 6070 Research Design for American Politics and Public Administration Every other year Peri Schwartz-Shea
POL S 6289 Research Design for Public Administrators Fall Sandi Parkes, Nancy Basinger or Peri Schwartz-Shea
POL S 6290 Quantitative Methods in Public Administration Spring Matthew Burbank or Gary Nakao
PRT   Measurement in Parks, Recreaiton, and Tourism Fall Gary Ellis
PRT 7102 Behavioral Science Process I Spring Ed Ruddell
PRT 7103 Behavioral Science Process II Fall Ed Ruddell
PRT 7104 Advanced Quantitative Methods in PRT Fall Gary Ellis
PSYCH 5500/5510 Quantitative Methods I and II (see 6500 and 6510)    
PSYCH 6500 Quantitative Methods I Fall  
PSYCH 6510 Quantitative Methods II Spring  
PSYCH 6540 Multivariate Statistics Next offering Fall 2004 and every two years after  
PSYCH 6550 Structural Equation Modeling Next offering Fall 2003 and every two years after Jonathan Butner
PSYCH 6556 Analysis of Temporal Data Next offering Spring 2004 and every two years after Jonathan Butner
SO WK 7421 Statistics I Fall Fred Janzen
SO WK 7422 Statistics II Spring Fred Janzen
SOC 6120 Statistics I Fall
SOC 7130 Statistics II Spring
STAT 5969 Special Topics in Statistics Generally Spring or Summer Don Wardell
STAT 6869 Advanced Methods in Statistics Spring Don Wardell
STAT 6969 Special Topics in Statistics Generally Spring or Summer Don Wardell
STAT 5003/6003 Survey of Statistical Computer Packages Irregularly Don Wardell


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